Interior Wash


Timely washing of your vehicle is equally important as much as repair or maintenance work. Luxe car wash interior detailing services is a thorough car cleaning process range from an in-depth vacuum and dust to a comprehensive deep clean. So proper detailing ensures that all interior surfaces are carefully cleaned using state-of-the-art equipment including steam cleaners, powerful extractors, and bio-friendly cleaning products. Detailing helps in terminating harmful bacteria and germs. Its helps to remove stains and heavy dirt from all interior surfaces, making your car shine from the inside as well.

Simply washing your car from the outside and inside is not enough. Every time you take your car for a spin, dirt and dust accumulates on the exterior of your car and enters the interior without any warning. It essentially covers the leather, fabrics, trims and glass but these break down into numerous separate components, each requiring its own special tools, products and treatments. in order to keep your vehicle’s interior fresh and healthy and looking as good as new Dirt will gather under the seats, pedals, roof linings etc and needs to be painstakingly cleaned out. That’s why detailing the interior and exterior of your vehicle is essential at least twice a year, depending on the kind of places your car visits and how long it stays out of your garage.
Glass and trims are cleaned, polished and protected. Upholstery and carpets are steam cleaned to remove ingrained grime, odours, bacteria and dye from clothing


Luxe car wash bring all the various materials back to their very best condition through the interior vehicle detailing includes professional deep cleaning treatments that remove the bacteria, dirt and odours from every part of the interior.

  • Dashboard Cleaning and Shine
  • Interior vacuum including the trunk
  • Interior Vacuum Cleaning
  • Floor Mat Cleaning
  • Seats are cleaned
  • Rooftop Clean
  • Intensive dry cleaning to all rubber Beading
  • Mats are cleaned & shampooed
  • UV protection applied
  • Ceiling, door jambs are cleaned
  • AC vents are cleaned
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