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When Luxe car wash details your interior there is not one area that is over looked. Luxe car wash starts off by thoroughly vacuuming the interior. The cleaned leather and conditioned and a protective crème applied. All vents are brushed to remove debris and dust. Interior trim and plastics are coated and cleaned with a matte finish UV protectant. Trunk area is cleaned and vacuumed. The interior detail we offer can be added to any other package.

To return the car to that new look condition, we use a combination of shampoo and extraction cleaning techniques for heavily soiled and stained interiors.

Price depending on condition of vehicle.

  • Interior vacuum including the trunk
  • Intensive dry cleaning to all rubber Beading
  • Seats cleaned and protect (fabric/leather)
  • Mats are cleaned & shampooed
  • Dash board cleaned and UV protection applied
  • Deep cleaning of headline Ceiling
  • Door jambs cleaned and polish
  • Streak free glass
  • Cleaning carpets
  • Premium U.V. protection applied by Luxe car wash to all vinyl, plastic, rubber giving your car spotless, shiny, glossy interior.
  • Air freshener is applied

All Auto Detailing work is performed by appointment only & must be done after an inspection of the vehicle to determine which service your vehicle will need for guaranteed satisfaction.

Luxe car wash offered services are highly demanded in the market for their timely execution, reliability and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing skills of our dexterous workforce, Luxe car wash have been able to meet specific requirements of customers. The entire team is capable of accomplishing assigned tasks efficiently. Following are the key factors that rank us ahead of our competitors:

  • Timely execution
  • Long clientele
  • Expert team of workers and other supporting staff
  • Client-centric approach
  • Competitive prices

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