Frequently asked questions
What does Luxe Car Wash do?

Luxe Car Wash is a door to door car cleaning to services company, with Luxe Car Wash, users can simply book the car wash services from our web and Mobile Apps and rest assured that their car will be given a wash of its life time.

Can we select Car Wash packages as per our needs?

Yes, the user can select the Car Wash packages as per their needs, they can simply choose their car type while booking the car wash service and then choose the suitable date & time and the service type they need us to offer them for their car.

Do you have any annual, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly Car Wash packages?

Yes, Luxe Car Wash offers packages as per user’s needs. Users can choose from the wide range of packages and offers available with us, Does Luxe Car offer only wet cleaning services or does the Car Wash team also has tools and machines to offer dry car wash service? Yes, our Car wash vans are equipped with tools and machines to offer wet service and can clean even minute dust particles with the vacuum cleaners and air pressure cleaning machines.

How experienced are the Technicians?

Our team consists of expert technicians who come to offer car wash services and the users does not have to be worried about their car while it is being washed by Luxe Car Wash team.

What are the payment modes for the Car Wash services?

To support our customers, we are open to all payment modes like Cash, online bank transfer, net banking, e-wallets and we even accept payment through credit and debit cards. washed by Luxe Car Wash team.

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