Dry wash


Dry wash

Being a second largest populated country, India has been facing a huge scarcity of water in the current situation and lots of people now struggling in order to water and some of them have died off due to lack of water quantity.
Even though India has improved a lot in the ranking and situation from the past two decades in poverty and water supply, and still trying effort to escape our country from these problems.

In addition, we are initiating Car Wash leading Company and offering the service of the dry wash car. Dry wash is waterless car washing as well as eco-friendly for will protect our environment. Moreover, a number of gallons of waters have been destroyed in car washing along with it produce dust, a mug and harm full chemical to the environment which origin a number of diseases. Furthermore, we go door to door for providing the service. Nowadays nobody has time to wash their car in the service center so we deliver this facility to their door.

While we supply these premier services from door to door:-

Eco exterior hand wash: - Clearly we offer amazing service relates to the car and we clean all the dust, grime, smudge, stains from your car paint, glass, plastic, trims, wheels, and radiator. When your car is washed, after wash get dirty, harmful chemical affected bad to the environment. So our employee’s uses eco-friendly hand wash for saving our environment.

Eco glass clean and gloss: - in our premier services, we care of each and every part of the car and offering eco-friendly glass washer for which your glass gives shine more than before and keep stay from the bad effect environment. This service especially for glass washers and once again makes your glass new. After testing a lot of this cleaner come to with us and gain praise by every car owner.

Wheel clean and Rim shine: - when car finds too much dust with rim shine and wheel clean. Hence, we offer the best service under which keeps dust free from the tire. Your wheel looks clean and shines. Our team deep brush into the area and do small scrub with that cleaner. Our experts provide best hand rim clean service to you. After taking the hard training we send our employees to you.

Window and windshield cleaning:- with our outstanding service your window glass will shine bright Whenever your car glass have dust so just go for it and turn your dirty window into sparkle one. Always go for a clean select right glass cleaner to protect windshield otherwise it harms your windshields and got scratches therefore protect your glasses. . It’s very easy way to clean just spray on glass and windshield, window and wipe all with a towel and do clean each part until it will be done and look very clean. Always use a high quality microfiber towel at least 300gsm for getting the best effect on your glasses.

Bumper external cleaning: - We also offer in good quality and quantity base bumper for external cleaning of your car which is never harm your car even always keeps saves your car. First and foremost, we make sure about any damage to the whole body of car internal and outer both sides including paint on both sides. After checking more we provide those services which service need and we try to the best service to each and every part of the car for taking good response of customers and Car Company too.

Altogether, we trust that dry car wash is the best service and it’s our upcoming future service. Our aim is to encourage our customers for washing their car without water and see the remarkable result. We introduced to you about our services to get advantage near all over Delhi Ncr. As you know we are initiate "luxe car wash" leading company which offered all services to you at your door. As far as by our service will helpful for those who don’t have time in their personal life. With our car wash services wash your car in your door. Get benefited with all services which we deliver to you and we are working for gaining best response from you.

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