Why Steam Car Wash is important to us?

With the increasing heat and water getting scarce it becomes our duty that we save water and do not waste for our things where we can save it. Car cleaning or Car Wash needs a lot of water and with a normal user who cleans their car themselves cannot save water. The cars have lot of space which require detailed cleaning and people tend to use a lot of car wash shampoo, water and some users even use detergents to clean their cars. These are all old methods to clean the cars, one might feel that their car is clean after such a wash but actually these methods damage the car.

Our team of trained car wash professionals are equipped with equipment that helps detailed cleaning of the car and the users can save a lot of water while compared to traditional car wash methods of like washing the car with car wash shampoo and water hose pipes.

Luxe Car Wash offer door step car wash service and the user simply has to book the car wash service from their phone. The user can either make a booking through their phone or call us at any time and make a booking across Delhi/ NCR. The payment methods offered by us are also conventional and we accept the payment through debit card, credit card, through mobile wallets and in cash as well.

The steam car wash van can easily clean all the body parts of the car whether it is the car doors, bumpers, engine, rims or upholstery. There is merely any water runoff when the car wash is performed dry steam machine installed inside the car wash van. The cars and other vehicle types can be easily washed indoors, dealership showrooms in garages or workshops.

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