Impact of automatic car wash machines and the damages caused by them.

Car owners are tempted towards automated car wash since the efforts from the owner and user are less, time taken is less however being an expert in car wash services we are strongly advising against it.

Brushes utilized in such machines are often too rough and harsh on the paint surface.

Although the contact-less waterjet machines are easier on the paint surface in this respect, all these facilities use aggressive cleaning chemicals with ‘grey water’, which contains a lot of

salt that may strip away the paint’s protecting wax and sealants.

If you actually wish to require care of your car’s paint, machine washes are just a big ‘No’.

Put these parts along and automatic automotive washes will leave behind typical automotive wash harm to the paint, in the form of fine marks or scratches.

A fair quantity of labor with polish would be required to machine polish such automotive wash scratches away.

“The abrasive issue from automatic automotive washes is obvious. I will spot an automotive that has been through one simply. “If you actually wish to require care of your car’s paint, machine washes are just a big ‘No’.” Instead, we strongly recommend giving your car a spa wash, that when done properly, has wafer thin chance to damage the paint surface.

Luxe Car wash technicians always take care of this stuff. We offer car wash using the Car Wash vans at your doorstep using the best equipment, less water, hard brushes are avoided to leave any scratch on the paint or the car body parts. Car body polish is done post the car wash service to improve the shine of the car body paint to enhance the beauty of the car.

At Luxe Car Wash we have couple of car wash plans and we give an opportunity to the customer to customize their car wash plan and its duration. We than allow the users to choose from the list of available Car Wash plans for their car model, type of service they are seeking and the time duration they need. 

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