About Us

About Us

We welcome you to our company Luxe Car Wash, we are trying to change car owner’s world by helping them meet their car hygiene needs. Whatever car you are using, irrespective of brand, make or model we are ready to help you with your car wash needs across Delhi/ NCR.

Luxe car wash is a company operated & owned by professionals offering multi-brand car service workshop with car washing, Car Spa, car cleaning or car detailing services in Delhi-NCR. to pamper your car Luxe car wash are always ready with the latest equipment and offering complete car care solution with a high level of satisfaction that you are looking for. Covering both interior and exterior detailing, we provide you complete car wash service to give your car the spa treatment it needs. Your car will be pressure cleaned from the exterior and thoroughly vacuum cleaned from the interior. Seats and roof are dry-cleaned. Parts are not only thoroughly wiped and scrubbed clean but also polished to restore showroom like perfection such are dashboard, doors, windows, steering wheel, floor mats, hand rest etc.

Luxe car wash Spa has the leading way for car care products with detailing supplies. Luxe car wash offer a wide range of car polish including microfiber clothes, metal polish, car waxing and car polishers with leather cleaners.


The idea being Luxe car wash is to change how people take care of their cars, people often ignore the car wash because either they do not have time, enough space, water or sufficient equipments to wash their cars. We are here to help every car user with their car wash and that too at their home or any place of their choice.

Why Luxe Car Wash

With everyone being rushing with their daily life activities and with very scarce time to take care of themselves they cannot focus on their assets and vehicles being one of the major asset these days. This is where we enter, we are just a call or booking from your App away. User just have to call us or visit us on our web or mobile apps and choose for their car model and the car wash type they are seeking and TA DA they are done.

You just need to wash your car with the recommended dosage. to offer a nice deep cleaning The shampoo is a perfect complement to the traffic film remover.

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Luxe car wash is willing to offer professional and uninterrupted service that you can always trust upon.

Key Benefits

By choosing Luxe Car Wash, users don’t have to take their car for washing to car wash station instead we offer home car cleaning services. Our Car wash van and technicians will visit your home, office or any desired place of your choice and will do the offer your car a wash that will renovate your car’s interior and exterior.


Luxe Car Wash is a leading car wash company started by young talented individuals from Delhi, who felt that there is a need of a Car hygiene company in Delhi/ NCR to help car users maintain and manage their car cleaning services. It is a busy world and people do not have enough time to wash their car and if the number of vehicles is more and water or space is less the problem worsens.

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