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We welcome you to our company Luxe Car Wash, we are trying to change car owner’s world by helping them meet their car hygiene needs. Whatever car you are using, irrespective of brand, make or model we are ready to help you with your car wash needs across Delhi/ NCR.

The idea being Luxe car wash is to change how people take care of their cars, people often ignore the car wash because either they do not have time, enough space, water or sufficient equipments to wash their cars. We are here to help every car user with their car wash and that too at their home or any place of their choice.

How It Works



Choose car wash package and confirm your booking


Track your car wash van on your app


Monitor your car wash


Make your payment and share your reviews


Saving water with every car wash
Never waste time at your car wash again
Leave your vehicle with the experts
No need to be in queue any more

we bring car wash to your door

Our Statistics

The data represents the numbers of happy customers served, equipment available for Car Wash and the Car Wash Vans available with us.

The number is regularly rising and most of our customers come from referrals.

We have the latest equipment to be used for Car Wash, to give the Wash to your Car, bike or bus a Wash of lifetime.

We have suitable number of Car Wash Vans to serve the customers and we keep adding new Car Wash Vans to serve the growing customers.

5 Problems a Bad Car Wash Can Cause


Rough cleaning by local washers leaves Scratches on the car

Damage Paint

Pressure from dirty water can damage the paint of the car

Bad Chemicals/Water

Bad Chemicals/Water deteriorates the overall appearance of the car

Interior Smell

not thoroughly drying your car

Water Spots

Not completely drying the car also leaves water spots on the car

Car wash in Delhi NCR with the reputed teams of experts

The vehicles undergo regular wear and tear alongside being vulnerable to dirt throughout the day. In this regard, there is a necessity for the expert Car Wash in Delhi teams. Are you looking for a Car Wash near me? We, the expert teams from Best Car Wash in Delhi NCR, Noida, Greater Noida, Gurgaon, the Luxe Car Wash, offer an extensive range of Car Wash / Steam Wash as well as Rubbing and Polishing and drycleaning services . We offer car grooming packages that include a complete range of services, from basic car washing to detailed upholstery cleaning, vacuuming, protective coating, and dashboard polishing. Our workshops are equipped with high-quality cleaning products and the best equipment that stick to the latest technology. The workshops for Car Wash in Delhi at Home offer a range of services in a top-notch way.

A highlight on Interior Dry Cleaning:

-Car Wash at Home considers Dry Cleaning, disinfection from germs
- Most economical polish treatment and shine the car instantly as a part of the Car Wash at Door Step for Paint Restoration Polish
- High gloss and finishing that increases the aesthetic value of the car
- improved underbody Anti Rust Treatment as a part of Car Cleaning Service in Delhi
- Car Cleaning at Home in Delhi involves Sealing and protection of the under chassis of the car from impact. get guaranteed long-term protection against rusting to the underbody of the vehicle.
- Car Wash in Gurgaon involves a combination of products to enhance vehicle maintenance
- Improvement of the fuel efficiency with the Disinfection Treatment
- Covering Ac interior vents, cooling coil while guaranteeing blower disinfection
- Engine treatment to flush carbon deposits from the system as a part of Radiator Flush Treatment
- Radiator treatment to flush the sludge, impurities from the system as a part of Car Steam Wash in Delhi

For most car owners, the priority is keeping the outside of the car clear. There are a handful of good reasons to ensure keeping the interior of the car clean. The Car Cleaning Service at Door Step that we serve as a team turns out to be well versed in all aspects of vehicular maintenance. Professional car detailingServices turns out to be the best for the restoration of your car so that it feels brand new. Experts for Car wash in Rajouri garden will make your car cleaner. Our Car Wash in Delhi NCR experts know how to keep the car interiors dry clean and hygienic for overall well-being. The car cleaning services can keep the car’s interior clean in addition to the exterior.

Reduction of the Wear and Tear:

Overlooking the cleanliness of the interior of your car can lead to spoilage of the car. The worst part is that the car’s interior surfaces develop wear and tear faster. Dirt and dust spoil the exterior portions of the vehicles. In addition to that, the occasionally spilled substances spoil the car’s upholstery. Closed environments turn out to be a haven for bacteria. The Car filled with dust and dirt creates hazardous air quality. Car cleaning, Car Detailing, car wash, and cleaning services will help avoid allergies and other problems. Steam car wash in Noida that we offer to ensure increasing driving safety. With the car cleaning services, it will be easier to see car windows and side mirrors. In general, people clean windows from the outside. But experts clean the interior of windows and windshields at regular intervals. Car detailing service ensures that you will get the crystal clear windshield and windows. Regardless of the car wash services you need, like the Automatic Car Wash Machine, Car Wash Services, Foam Car Wash, and Steam Car Wash. Best car detailing and washing services that we offer make us the best car detailing in market. In the car wash services that we offer, the Luxe Car Wash takes into consideration varied factors. Our services range from Glass treatment, Alloy wheel protection, Engine coating, Ac treatment, Headlight restoration, Fabric protection, Paint protection, Rubbing &Polishing, waxing, Leather conditioning treatment, Underbody coating, Silencer coating to Glow treatment. One-stop car care solution also offers the service including the Paint Protection Film in Gurgaon. The range of services we offer makes us the best in the list of the most reliable & innovative Car wash in Moti Nagar solution to fulfill what your care needs

The specialty of the cat wash solutions we offer

What makes the Luxe Car Wash, so distinct from the rest is that we utilize the tools sticking to the utilization of the new features & technology in the automobile industry. We always take into consideration the up-gradation of car care solutions, and in the process, we utilize the environment-friendly product. We employ a range of car polishing & washing services are to ensure widespread availability of products & services. We always maintain the standards of quality, cost & delivery. The car wash in Dwarka that we offer makes us the smart professionals dedicated to providing car cleaning solutions.


● Car Wash services

The cleaning process that we employ in the service comes inclusive of the range of integrated cleaning programs. Excellent car wash experience makes us the best professionals in this field.

● Foam car Wash

Foam car wash handles the big particles that regular car washing shampoo isn't capable of. These chemicals turn out to be more penetrative and ensure that dirt is losing quickly and easily, leaving the vehicle's surface less vulnerable to damage during the cleaning process.

● Car Detailing Services

The wax coating or sealant that we are using in the detailing process protects the car from UV rays and oxidization (rusting). Regular detailing that we give to the engine keeps away the dirt, leaks, and unwanted damages.

Experienced professional team of personnel that the Luxe Car Wash has ensures offering the range of the prompt and convenient car wash experience icon. We will employ our team to clean in just 20 minutes. The deep cleaning services that we offer services as a package of Fast-paced and convenient car washing solutions. Latest, as well as the State-of-the-art cleaning equipment that we use in the process, makes us the best professionals. We will involve a range of eco-friendly techniques for car cleaning, making us the best professionals in this field. Innovative equipment with the t eco-friendly washing solution ensures that we are the expert teams in the field offering the range of services to match the expectations of our clients.

Additional services we offer

In addition to the above-mentioned services we offer, we can also ensure providing the External cleaning with Wet steam and High-Pressure wash. In the process, we always utilize special car cleaning accessories. The disinfection process that we employ is also an impressive one. We always ensure proper cleaning and virus removal that serves as the Anti-bacterial Treatment. Detailing Glow is also one of the many services that we offer as a part of the car wash strategies. Rubbing & Polishing ensures the removal of stains and marks on the paint surface and gives the car a smooth and clean look. Premium Washing Services ensures perfection in work. With us, you can get the best solutions like Interior Dry Cleaning, Deep Dry Cleaning, Vacuum Cleaning, Detailed Cleaning, and Interior Polishing. Eco-friendly car wash services at your doorstep will be available at an affordable price. Steam Wash solutions serve as the complete solution for car washing, auto detailing, car cleaning, and dry cleaning services that serve as environment-friendly solutions. Our professionals ensure cleaning the exterior and interior of the vehicle. In this way, the experts in our team can sterilize and sanitize your vehicle. With our solutions, we can keep away the chances of accumulation of bacteria, molds, germs, viruses, & other microorganisms.

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